April President’s Letter

Hello dear quilters!

It was a pleasure to see so many of you at the March meeting with our guest speaker, Amy Friend. The way she tells a story with individual blocks is so clever and fun.  For instance, she told us she loves the TV series, “Gilmore Girls”  and was anxiously awaiting new episodes of the show to air.   During that time, she decided to customize her Rise and Shine Coffee cup pattern with fabrics that told a little bit about the major characters in the show. I found it so amusing that I want to start watching the show now. 

This is the fourth newsletter that I have written as president of the guild and each time I have had a flashback to high school.  Here’s the scene:  It’s 1974. My friends and are cruising in the car past the houses of boys we like; boys we used to like; and boys we want to like us.  The AM radio is blaring and we are singing along when that song called “When Will I See You Again” by The Three Degrees fills the car.  Back to the present: I only remember the intro to the song but it’s the title that strikes a chord with me because that is the question on everyone’s mind.  I’m happy to say the answer is June 14th in Holland Park! (Restrictions due to bad weather and CDC  guidelines will apply.)

As I’ve mentioned before, as the president of the guild I receive letters from quilters who need advice. From time to time, I will also get a complaint like the one below from someone with concerns about our guild activities.  I assure you the complaints are always unfounded; nevertheless, I try to gently and kindly assuage their fears.  

Dear Ms. Ricciardelli,
While I am not a member of your guild, I learned to quilt by hand at my granny’s knee.  Imagine my disgust when I saw the announcement for your guild meeting about exotic dancing and bartending classes!  How you can take such a wholesome pastime and turn it into something filthy is beyond me. And your theme for 2021, “Anything Goes,” what kind of debauchery is next for you and your band of fabric floozies?

Nauseated in Noblesville

Dear Nauseated,
Don’t get your shorts in a bundle! You need to ditch granny’s scissors and cardboard templates and join the 21st century. Let me set you straight right now, our guest speaker will be Gudrun Erla, the designer of the special non-slip Stripology rulers that make cutting fabric strips a breeze.  I’ll bet granny didn’t know that strips of some size have been the building blocks of most quilts since the rotary cutter was invented in 1979. As for Mixology, that’s the way Gudrun combines pre-cuts like charm squares, layer cakes and jelly rolls all in one pattern. Get it? 

Now, would you please call off the vice squad because their surveillance van is leaving a puddle of oil in my neighbor’s driveway and he’s not happy.  If you can get your mind out of the gutter long enough to join our guild, you may attend our meeting with Gudrun. It starts at 10:30 am on April 12, and the Zoom link will be available about a week before.  

Well, I’m off the play the ponies.  My bookie says there’s a longshot in the 5th and I feel lucky! 

Ann Ricciardelli

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