April Tip of the Month

So, you created that beautiful top, then sandwiched and did you best quilting, now comes the step that confounds and befuddles a lot of quilters. THE LABEL!! Now, don’t recoil in fear, you have many ways to handle this vital part of quilting. Just take a deep breath and step off the ledge! 

The internet is full of useful articles and videos on label making. Be sure to check them out. 

Designing and printing from printer
Missouri Star Tutorial and links
Hand Embroidered Labels 
Using Stamps and Markers
Purchase custom made labels
Several creative label ideas

Now that you have your label, how do you attach it to the quilt? Here are some ways to attach that label securely to your quilt. 

Fat Quarter Shop tutorial
Attach a Quilt label
Modern and Traditional Labels

No matter how you choose to make or attach your labels, just remember, it is so important to keep the information with the quilt so that your ancestors will know the maker and reason for the quilt. 

So, how do you make and attach labels to your quilts? Share your methods in the comments below. 

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