2nd Annual Jelly Roll 500 Results

May 15th dawned cloudy and overcast, but that didn’t stop our drivers from gathering to prepare for the 2nd running of the Jelly Roll 500 Race.

Our Race Officials created wonderful care packages for each driver and assigned pit passes to all.

Mary B, Connie M, Becky M, Kevin D, and Laurie F
Not shown are Sharon J and Debra L

To honor our great Indiana tradition of the Indianapolis 500 and create wonderful donation quilts for the Community Health Hospital system we raced to the finish. The field of 19 drivers took to their machines when the green flag dropped at 9:30. The whir of those machines being driven at high speeds created a roar that echoed through the halls.

There were 2 races being run in tandem this year, a regular course race and a road course race. The regular course drivers sewed their strips end to end with no variation. The road course participants used cornerstones or angled ends to join their Jelly Rolls. In each race 3 winners were awarded prizes.

In record time we had a winner at about the 1 hour mark. Rookie Driver Amada S, driving for Juki, drove through the straightaways with precision

Soon after, Amanda’s team mate Jan D finished her run and was awarded 2nd place. Accusations of fuel tampering were lodged at the team, but race officials cleared them of any wrong doing. However, Jan D declined to be interviewed after the race, so we wonder what she is trying to hide.  

3rd place in the regular race division was Sharon J, who placed 2nd in last year’s race. 

On the Road Course we had an early leader Sandy M, racing for Janome,  take the winning spot. She used cornerstones on her top. 

In 2nd place on the Road Course was Melissa S, a real Steals N’ Deals kind of racer, who used angled cuts. 

And rounding out the top positions, in 3rd was Jayne G, with more cornerstones.

The rest of the field and their Race Finishes:

Kerrie G

Wanda F

Becky M

Margie I

Carlene C

Debbie D

Becky M

Beth S

Sally S

Connie M

Linda G

Barb N

In all, a fun day was had by all and 19 more charity quilts will be added to our year’s total for donation to Community Health Hospital. A real win for all.