2020 Christmas Challenge

Dear Ladies –

I know this year has had many challenges for all of us. As the chair for the Hospitality Committee, I’ve seen our meetings change from those where we can openly greet each other and share a snack and a glass of tea to those where we must keep our distance in order to ensure we all remain healthy and safe. It absolutely breaks my heart to now tell you all that we won’t be able to have our annual Christmas Party and pitch in at our December meeting. The Board has, however helped me determine how we can make our December meeting fun. And that is by having a Christmas Challenge! Here is what we are going to do.

Totes with (mostly) Christmas themed fabric – yardage or panels – have been placed on the front porch of four Mudsock member homes. You are welcome to stop by and select ONE panel or piece of yardage to make a project of your choice from any one of the totes. We will share our completed projects at the December meeting, with those who attend virtually sharing their completed projects on the Mudsock Facebook page anytime on or after our December meeting date.  

Rules for the Challenge

1. There are no rules.  

You can make the item and give it to charity, your best friend, your sister, or just keep it for yourself.  

You can make anything you want with your panel or piece of yardage – a quilt, pillow, pillowcase, table runner, bag, placemat, clothing or anything else. 

There is no specific requirement regarding how much of your completed item is made from the panel or yardage and the percentage that is made from other fabrics. You may use as many or as few additional fabrics as you like. 

You may over-dye, paint, or add beading to the fabric. But you don’t have to!  

You can machine or hand sew and/or quilt your project. 

You can make something traditional or something avant garde. 

The Board and I want you to have fun!  So go out and get your fabric from one of the totes. Any fabric not claimed before the October meeting will be brought to the October meeting and will be available for anyone who has not already picked their panel or yardage. 

If you have any questions please contact me via text or email. 

I’m excited to see what everyone creates!

Laura Anderson, Hospitality Chair

P.S.  A (very) few panels have coordinating fabric that has been folded up with the panel. You may use the coordinating fabric or not. If you decide to not use it, please return it to me at the December meeting and I will see that the coordinating fabric is returned to the Mudsock fabric storeroom. 

Pick Up Locations

You may select your fabric from the tote located on the front porch of the following homes – general locations noted below are for guidance only.  Addresses are available in the members only section of this website which requires you to log in. Contact Diane Lockman if you’re having trouble logging in.

  • Northeast Indy at Susan Juffer’s Home
  • Britton Falls at Diane Dimpfl’s Home
  • Central Fishers at April Sterling’s Home
  • West Carmel at Laura Anderson’s Home

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